"Before we get to heaven, there´s life on Earth, and it is here that we must build a socially just society."

This guiding principle, which was practised by Heinz Nixdorf, has been adopted by his niece, Dagmar Nixdorf, for her own decisions and actions.

She has gained valuable experience in the course of many years as an entrepreneur in mid-sized businesses and other interests, in addition to providing financial advice to companies and private individuals.

In her efforts to provide optimised holistic solutions, she repeatedly encountered limitations as to what was acceptable and feasible – this was particularly true during the years following the financial crisis: the instruments that were available in the investment funds sector in particular very rarely came up to the standards she felt she could apply unhesitatingly in terms of both concept and content. She subsequently decided to initiate her own funds that were in line with her way of thinking based on her experience of small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) – collectively known as “Germany’s Mittelstand” – her ethical considerations and her social responsibility.

Medium to small business thinking and capital markets - how do they match up?
The differences between funds designed for small to medium-sized businesses and the mainstream:

The basic principle

When a small to medium-sized businessman invests his capital, he is not looking for quick profits, but rather a long-term development of the company behind the capital in which he holds a participating interest. He understands the ups and downs of the markets, works calmly and patiently, and does not panic.

If this way of thinking is applied to the capital market, it implies moving away from the principles of short-term speculative trading with no long-term investment strategy.

The long-term view

Forget quick decision-making, the hasty in and out that pursues a short-term speculative interest or takes its lead from the latest, breaking news. It is essential to take informed decisions and conscious actions.

The fundamental principle is a long-term investment strategy.

The aim is not to exploit the tiniest fluctuations in value to achieve the maximum short-term gain.

Our concepts are focused on achieving a long-term increase in value, while at the same time accepting an appropriate level of risk. We don’t do something just for the sake of it. A lot does not necessarily achieve a lot.

The answer

To ensure that our way of thinking will be applied to capital market investments, NIXDORF Kapital AG has launched its own first fund with selected partners.

We develop and apply long-term investment strategies that benefit from our contact to scientists working in the field. As a result of our close links to professors at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and Frankfurt School Financial Services GmbH, we have found partners who think the way we do. This is also true of Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH, an established, independent asset management company.

Expected returns

It goes without saying that the small to medium-sized businessman would also like to earn money with his products and services. But not at any cost, and certainly not without a long-term strategy. In this way he is able to protect his company from excessive risks and to justify the trust and confidence his customers and employees place him by adhering to a value system that is predictable.

The operating criteria

Small to medium-sized business thinking can be reduced to a single sentence: you don’t have to get involved in every business deal, just because you can. High-value products and services demand qualified employees and reliable, established partners think in much the same way you do.

Open to new ideas

The small to medium-sized businessman is open to new ideas and is constantly trying to improve his products and services. To this end, he also makes use of what science can offer him and the benefits available to him through the advances that are constantly being made in technology. This is also how we think and how we act.