Sustainability, Impact, Transformation.

Thinking sustainably means thinking across generations and acting accordingly. Impact investing is our method for using capital sensibly over generations.

Today, we want to enable our future generations to live a self-determined life and not weigh them down with any burdens. It is the concept of sustainability that essentially pursues the same goal: No one should consume so much that nothing is left for the others and for future generations.
For us, impact investing refers to an investment approach that goes beyond a pure focus on financial returns. The aim is to consequently transfer the concept of the social market economy to the capital market. Any investor should take into account the impact on the environment, society and future generations. Only then the social and/or ecological returns associated with an investment can be calculated.

Mobilizing and Directing Capital
Impact investing is more than an ecological investment. If you want to measure long-term social return, you have to focus on a further approach. For example, it can also be very useful to support a company with capital that is only just beginning its ecological restructuring – but that is precisely how it will secure jobs in the long term. We do not direct capital into individual prestige projects, but rather where it has the greatest effect in transforming companies and society.

What this means for us
Ecological and social impact oriented towards the common good play an equal role for us. A world in which nature is just fine, but human suffering is considered acceptable, is not a world we want to contribute to. And investments that do not generate any economic return ultimately cause the destruction of capital – and in turn, would not be sustainable.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at NIXDORF Kapital AG

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are the guideline for all investments at NIXDORF Kapital AG.

We support the political goals of the United Nations (UN) with its 17 goals for sustainable development for one absolutely compelling reason: A good future for all people can only be created and secured if sustainable development is achieved on an economic, social and additionally, ecological level.
The idea basically also corresponds to the spirit of the Mittelstand (middle-class). It revolves around the question: How do we want to be here tomorrow, live healthy, happily and be respected? NIXDORF Kapital AG primarily addresses the following goals.


The remaining 10 goals are also vehemently pursued. To give but one example, UN Goal Nr.2 “Zero Hunger” will be among the main objectives of a future agricultural fund, which is also to become active in Africa. Through targeted cooperation with other service providers, it becomes possible to address and support all SDGs.